About JMS Construction

JMS Construction Company History

JMS Construction was founded in 2006 out of a desire to provide Grande Prairie and the surrounding communities with professional and innovative construction services.

Our company is a family-owned business. Throughout the years, we hired a diverse team to expand our services and expertise. What started as a small team of three tradesmen expanded into our company today with over thirty employees who are distinctly trained and highly experienced.

We’ve grown a lot in size over the years. And yet, our focus on client-centered, quality work has never wavered.

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A New Thing

JMS Construction is a family-owned construction company. But, at our core, we’re a group of highly motivated and eager individuals all implementing new ways to use our expertise to benefit the Grande Prairie community.

Our youth translates into innovation. We keep up with the latest technology and ideas to strengthen our clients and our community. With every service we offer, we use this innovation to bring your dream to life in the most cost-effective and creative ways possible.

At JMS Construction, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in compliance, workmanship, performance, transparency, and conduct. These ideals reflect in the workplace, but also in our high-quality workmanship and distinct client relationships.

With JMS Construction, you receive quality craftsmanship with every job.

Safety Certificates & Training

JMS Construction operates an extensive safety program. We are COR compliant. Often, our safety program exceeds the necessary requirements for construction projects.

All our team members maintain their appropriate training and equipment courses. JMS Construction requires everyone from employee to owner to hold the appropriate safety tickets.

Regular Safety Procedures

Every single job requires daily hazard-assessment meetings. We oversee a company-wide safety meeting every month in which we review safety regulations, policy updates, and procedure refreshers.

All of our equipment is inspected regularly. JMS reviews driving logs and hazard assessments each month, followed by a complete log and audit of this information.

Going above and beyond for safety protects both our employees and our clients, and there’s nothing more important than that.

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